Light yogurt cake, without sugar or fat

What a relief to know that there is a light sponge cake. It does not contain processed sugar, butter, oil or cream. Despite being a healthy and light sweet It will come out fluffy, tender, juicy and tasty on top. Follow the recipe and you will see. You have to sweeten the return to work but without neglecting the line at the same time.

Although it does not contain processed sugar We will give it sweetness with the natural sugar that the fruit contains. In this case we have used a cooked apple puree and another of dried apricots. The latter, the dried apricots, can be substituted for dates or even prunes. The objective is to obtain a healthier cake and somewhat less caloric than the traditional ones.

Don't you care that it has the odd extra calorie? Well, substitute the dried apricot puree for honey.

And do not hesitate to flavor it with vanilla, orange zest or lemon zest. Another option is to put strawberry or lemon yogurt. You will see how the result changes.

We leave you the link to another yogurt cake, in this case more caloric: Greek yogurt cake

Light yogurt cake, without sugar or fat
Kitchen: Modern
Recipe type: Snack
  • 2 eggs
  • 260 g plain unsweetened yogurt
  • Between 100 and 125 g of dried apricot or date or honey paste
  • Aroma of liquid vanilla, the grated ìl of a lemon or an orange… (the ingredient with which we want to flavor our sponge cake). Optional.
  • 225 g flour
  • 10 g baking powder
  1. First mix the eggs, the dried apricot puree or honey, the natural yogurt and the apple puree. If we want to flavor the cake we add the liquid vanilla or the zest.
  2. We beat with the rods until the mixture mounts a little.
  3. On the other hand, we bind the flour with the yeast and add it little by little to the previous dough with the help of a strainer, so that it falls in the form of rain.
  4. We stir the dough until it is homogeneous, without lumps.
  5. We put the cake in a mold of 26 or 28 centimeters in diameter greased or lined with non-stick paper. Bake at 180º for about 40 minutes. When the cake rises and is golden brown and we check with a toothpick that its interior is dry, we remove it from the oven.
  6. We let it cool for about 15 minutes before carefully unmolding it and letting it rest on a wire rack.
To make the dried apricot puree, you just have to put them in the blender glass covered with their own weight in water. We leave them for a few hours to soften and then we grind everything.

More information - Greek yogurt cake

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  1.   Mediterranean diet said

    Ohhhh..but what a wonderful recipe. I'll prepare it tomorrow.


  2.   Pine Cubas said

    This is for my friend Yurena, that she is on a regimen, hahahahaha

  3.   Mari Carmen said

    that richoooooo if I take away honey, great that I can't have any sugar I'll try it

  4.   Alberto Rubio said

    Take away the honeys possible. Add some artificial sweetener and increase the amount of applesauce a bit.

  5.   Recipe - Recipes for children and adults said

    Sure! You can take away the honey :) you can tell us how it works out for you :)

  6.   Montserrat González said

    I do not know how you can hang something with the label of sugar free and with honey on it :(

  7.   Recipe - Recipes for children and adults said

    Hello Montserrat Gonzalez does not have sugar, so it has honey, but you can use any other sweetener, there is no problem :)

  8.   Montserrat González said

    But if the honey is pure dextrose! I think that with this type of indication one should be very careful and indicate specific products and not give erroneous or non-specific examples such as "any natural sweetener"

  9.   Alberto Rubio said

    Montserrat this cake is light because it does not contain ingredients with fat and not because it does not contain sugar or honey.

  10.   Recipe - Recipes for children and adults said

    Thank you very much Montserrat Gonzalez we will have it :)

  11.   mireyaramirezromero said

    I think that since one is going to make a dessert it is made with their sugar and ale! Total, the flour already has it and it is not a question of eating the cake in one sitting by yourself, you eat a moderate portion and that day you do a little more exercise and fixed

  12.   REINALDO said

    It looks very good provare with whole wheat flour

    1.    Pau (FR) said

      I made a recipe shit and it is a trick, I really do not recommend it

  13.   Eliana said

    Thanks for the recipe it is wonderful !!!

  14.   Anna Baggy said

    Can you remove the apple and have a glass of orange juice?

    1.    Angela Villarejo said


  15.   maria said

    I just tried to make the recipe, 2 times, and both times the cake has not risen at all, it has been raw. I have followed the process and the exact amounts that it marks and there is no way. : (

  16.   Paula said

    Honey is also sugar. And everything that ends in -osa too. Panela is also sugar, no matter how whole or organic brown sugar it may be;) if you want to sweeten, it is better to use the sugars present in the fruit (apple, banana, dates ...) and so a diabetic or a child can take it in moderation . This is how I do it for my daughter, changing the skimmed yogurt for a natural unsweetened one. But thanks for the recipe.

  17.   Sandra said

    It has risen to me very little and it is quite raw, I have done it with honey and to throw away, a shame

  18.   Rose Jimenez said

    What about not putting sugar is because of calories, glycosides, in attention to diabetics, or simply because of fashion? For whatever reason, if you remove the sugar and change it for honey, you do not reduce the hydrates, glucose, or calories ... Come on, you give it a taste of honey and nothing else. If you want to sweeten in a healthy way and totally suitable for diabetics and the rest of the world, use stevia, natural and not the supermarket one, it is sweet, it is healthy, it is recommended. The other sweeteners ... There you. It is a healthy habit to read nutrition labels. Oh, and the apple also provides its natural sugars, be careful with the amount.

  19.   Ana said

    The ingredients do not come out, nor their quantities in the light sponge cake without sugars or fats.