Maria cookies, the homemade recipe

It may be difficult to get the look of the cookies from the market, but surely they taste much richer. These Maria cookies have a delicious butter aftertaste and they have a very crunchy texture. Make them and tell us how they turned out.


  • 500 gr de harina
  • 150 gr. of butter
  • 100 gr. white sugar
  • 50 gr. brown sugar
  • 1 XL egg
  • the tip of a baking powder knife
  • a bit of milk


  1. We put the flour, we combine it with the yeast, and we add the butter chopped, a little soft, the two types of sugar and the egg. We mix with our hands.
  2. Once these ingredients are well mixed, we add the milk little by little to achieve a fine but full-bodied dough.
  3. We roll out the dough on a table with a little sprinkled flour to make it as thick as two euro coins. We cut the cookies with a round pasta cutter. We can practice the decorative motifs of these cookies if we get a suitable mold or tampon.
  4. We place them on a baking sheet covered with non-stick paper and bake them at 180 degrees for about 18 minutes to brown them. We will let them cool with the paper on a rack.

Weight of a package of Maria cookies

Maria cookie packages usually come four at a time. Four packages joined by a plastic wrap that is much more comfortable. In this way, we can remove each package individually, without opening the others. Each of them weighs 200 grams. What we are before 800 grams if we talk about all the product we buy. Since as you well know, they cannot be purchased individually. Although better this way, because we would run out quickly.

Nutritional information Maria cookies

Maria cookies  

As we like to keep our weight and our health in check, it is worth knowing what is behind the Maria cookies. Surely at home they have always told you that they are one of the healthier desserts. Well, they are not very misguided.

Contribution per serving: If you just want a Maria cookie, then you have to know that it will have 27 kcal. A 0,5 g of protein and 4,7 g of carbohydrates. But we can also add that it contains 7,06 mg of calcium, 0,12 mg of iron or 1,50 mg of magnesium.

 Per 100 gr By cookie
Energetic value 440 kcal 27 kcal
Fats 10,5 gr 0,7 gr
Carbohydrates 77 gr 4,7 gr
Of which sugars 24 gr 1,5 gr
Fiber 2,1 gr 0,1 gr
Proteins 7,6 gr 0,5 gr
Sal Island 0,83 gr 0,05 gr

Contribution per 100 gr: Without a doubt, when we talk about 100 grams, we mean half a package of Maria cookies. The change in both calories and the rest of the contributions has quite a difference. Still, it must be said that when they are taken at breakfast, in a small quantity and without further additions in the form of jams or cocoa, it is a perfect source of energy to start the day.

Recipes with Maria cookies

Homemade ice cream recipe with Maria cookies

There are many recipes with Maria cookies that we have available. Undoubtedly, when we think of an inexpensive, easy dessert that the whole family likes, they come to mind. Without a doubt, we will only let ourselves be carried away by the usual recipes and those that have a little imagination to achieve that perfect final result.

To give the palate a touch of tradition, nothing like preparing some Maria cookie cupcakes.

They are very simple to make since with two Maria cookies and a spoonful of cream between them, we will get a sweet and very appetizing sandwich that you can finish with a little sprinkled coconut. Of course the so-called gypsy arms with Maria cookies, they are always a tradition. You can complete them with a pastry cream or with another made of egg and butter. Now you just have to shape the gypsy arm, placing the combination of biscuit, cream and biscuit. To finish, you can melt dark chocolate and you will mix it with you will mix it with the same amount of liquid cream. Chunks of sweets or candied cherries and coconut can finish a dessert like this one.

Of course, Maria cookies do not always have to be seen in desserts. Sometimes they can be sensed by their impressive flavor. One of the recipes that always triumphs is the Maria cookie ice cream. A perfect recipe that is the most economical since it has ingredients such as egg, cream or milk.

What if we get a craving? Although they are very fast recipes, it is clear that when we crave something, it has to be even faster. We propose you a Maria cookie dessert in the microwave. To do this, you have to beat 12 Maria cookies with 3 eggs, a glass of sugar and two of milk. In some glasses or individual containers that serve for microwave, we add a little liquid caramel and after it, our mixture. We put it in the microwave and in about 9 minutes, we will have them ready. Shall we get down to work?

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  1.   Chris M said

    Hello, I think it's a very good recipe, but please, how much milk ??? I imagine that it is important so that the dough does not become soft if it is added a lot or too hard if it is added too little.

  2.   Maribith Fabi said

    cris M you are seeing that your fingers do not stick you manipulate it a little but quickly put your finger in and if it comes out dry, ready!

  3.   Emily said

    Is milk liquid or powder?

    1.    Angela Villarejo said

      Liquid :)

  4.   Lorena said

    Hello, how many cookies come out more or less? How do we keep them and how long do they last? Thank you

    1.    irene.arcas said

      Hi Lorena,

      With these amounts you will get like 40 or 60 cookies depending on the size and thickness you give them. I recommend that to start you make half of the ingredients. You can keep them in metallic boxes, plastic bags or tuppers, but only when they have cooled completely, okay? If not, they will be soft. Thanks for writing to us!

  5.   maria said

    I really liked this recipe and I prepared it and it was exquisite

    1.    Melany said

      Hello. Can you post the amounts of the ingredients please? I would like to prepare them. Thanks

      1.    Irene Arcas said

        Hi Melany, the amounts are posted again. When changing the visual appearance of the blog they were hidden, but it is solved :) Thanks for warning!

  6.   EDURNE said

    Hello, where do you put the amount of ingredients to put? Sure it puts it somewhere but I don't see it. Thank you

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      the amounts are already published again. When changing the visual appearance of the blog they were hidden, but it is already solved :) Thanks for warning!

  7.   ohana said

    Hello!! I'm very interested in this recipe, but I can't find the ingredients !! Could you tell me what they are? Thanks!!

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      the amounts are already published again. When changing the visual appearance of the blog they were hidden, but it is already solved :) Thanks for warning!

  8.   Evana del villar said

    I can't get the ingredient list :( I think it was deleted or something, I would like to make the cookies

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      the amounts are already published again. When changing the visual appearance of the blog they were hidden, but it is already solved :) Thanks for warning!

  9.   Claudia Pelaez said

    I can't see the amounts of the ingredients in the recipe for Maria cookies either ...
    How can I get them? Could you send them to me, please?
    Thank you very much in advance
    Today is March 1, 2018

    1.    Irene Arcas said

      the amounts are already published again. When changing the visual appearance of the blog they were hidden, but it is already solved :) Thanks for warning!

  10.   Karen said

    They are identical to the well-known brand, your recipes are very nice. Thank you for sharing them!
    One question: can I substitute yeast for Royal powder?

    1.    ascen jimenez said

      Yes, yes, we actually mean that yeast.
      A hug