Baked rib

You will like the taste of these baked little things and also how easy it is to prepare them. First we will bake them in papillote and then brown them.

Apricot Coca

We started the apricot season and nothing better than to start it with this delicious apricot coca or typical coca d'aubercocs ...

Oil and cream rolls

These muffins are soft and are great for preparing sandwiches for the little ones. Try them with ham and cheese or with pate.

Painted stew with green beans

The guinea fowl, also known as the guinea fowl, is a bird with elegant plumage. Gastronomically speaking, the taste of ...

Sponge cake with olive oil

A cake made with quality ingredients for the whole family. Full of flavor, it is ideal for breakfast or a snack.

Clams with tomato

A dish for dipping bread thanks to the delicious and simple tomato sauce in which the clams are cooked. The chilli is optional.

Potatoes for garnish

They will be a little lighter because in the first step we are going to cook them. You will be surprised by its flavor. They go well with any meat or fish

Honey and cinnamon cookies

They are prepared in no time and the children will be happy to help us mix the ingredients and form them. They have honey and cinnamon ... irresistible!


Veal cheeks in sauce

Today I share with you a recipe that we love at home, some veal cheeks in sauce. In this case…


Rabbit cacciatore

The rabbit huntress recipe has as many versions as there are houses and there are also versions according to different countries. The one I share today is my version.

Potato omelette with agretti

A different potato omelette thanks to the friar's beard or agretti. And low in calories due to the little oil it contains.

Easy bicolor sponge cake

Kids love this two-color sponge cake. Quick and easy to prepare, it is made with ingredients that we all have at home.

Eggplant appetizer

Children can help prepare a healthy starter of eggplant, natural tomato and mozzarella. Simple and also very rich.

Pumpkin and leek cream

We show you, with step-by-step photos, how to prepare a delicate carrot and leek cream. The breadsticks make it irresistible.

Sausage cannelloni

Children will enjoy this pasta recipe because we will fill the cannelloni with something that they really like: sausages!

Chicken with potatoes in cocotte

It cooks in its own juice thanks to the container. With very few ingredients and in a few steps we will obtain a chicken as rich as grandmother's,

Simple broccoli garnish

You can use this broccoli garnish to accompany your favorite meat dishes. Easy, fast and delicate, it is a good option for the little ones.

Lemon cream dessert with yogurt

You can surprise your family by preparing a dessert with yogurt and a homemade lemon cream. In the step-by-step photos you will see how to prepare it.

Lentils with vegetables and chorizo

We will put the vegetables shredded, at least part of it. In this way we will obtain a more complete dish and we will be able to thicken the broth.

Easy apple pie with jam

A cake made with few ingredients that we can prepare in a short time. To surprise children with a special snack.

Sausage ragout

An ideal dish for cold days. We will prepare a tomato sauce with sausages that we can put on mashed potatoes or on our polenta

Mini peanut butter croissants

This is one of those very simple things that we can prepare with a sheet of puff pastry. We will fill our mini croissants with peanut butter.

Cookie cake and custard

Do you want the children to spend a fun afternoon in the kitchen? Ask them to make this simple cookie and custard cake. They will love it

Light zucchini cream

Soft, delicate and very easy to prepare. This is our light zucchini cream that the little ones like so much. You have to try it.


Chicken thighs with peppers and onion

Chicken can be cooked in a thousand different ways and it is always good. Today we are going to prepare some tasty chicken thighs with peppers and onion.

Ham and cheese croquettes

Delicate, smooth, creamy on the inside and at the same time crunchy on the outside. So are these fantastic croquettes that the little ones like so much.

Hazelnut cookies

A simple recipe to obtain delicious cookies. They are made with flour, oil, eggs ... and with crushed hazelnuts.

polvorones sponge cake

Polvorones sponge cake

This polvorones cake can be a perfect recipe to take advantage of the polvorones that we have left over from these pasts ...

Chocolate apple sponge cake

With few ingredients and all of them simple, this is our cake today. Do not hesitate to invite the little ones to help you prepare it.

Fennel gratin

In the step-by-step photos you will find how to prepare this vegetable. We will cook it in the oven accompanied with olives, tomatoes, capers ...

Red cabbage and orange salad

A salad loaded with flavor and also color: with raw red cabbage, orange wedges and cashew nuts. With step-by-step photos.

Catalonian spinach

These spinach have pine nuts and raisins. They are prepared in a short time and using a single pan. They are liked by adults and adults.

Barbecue chicken wings

Barbecue chicken wings

You have to try this simple and delicious recipe for barbecue chicken wings made in the oven. An easy recipe and with which we practically do not stain.

Easy jijona nougat flan

Easy jijona nougat flan

There are still some holidays and family celebrations. If you have to prepare dessert, try this very simple one and ...

rice noodles with tuna

Rice noodles with tuna

Between so much party and so much feast, it is worth changing our Christmas dishes and making different dishes like these rice noodles with tuna.

Eggplant and pasta lasagna

A delicious lasagna for the whole family. With fried eggplant, homemade tomato sauce and a light béchamel with pepper and nutmeg. Very good!

Apple and ricotta puff pastry

Simple, delicate, easy to prepare and delicious. So are these apple and ricotta puff pastry. If you have puff pastry at home, do not hesitate to prepare them.

mandarin chicken

Tangerine chicken

You will see how simple and delicious the mandarin chicken recipe is. I usually prepare it or with wings ...

Roasted pumpkin soup

We teach you how to prepare a great hot cream, in this case of roasted pumpkin. An ideal recipe for the autumn months.

Brussels sprouts with apple

An original and different recipe for Brussels sprouts. We will make them in the oven but with apple pieces, which will also be baked.

Cantucci of prunes and cashews

Cantucci are perfect cookies for Christmas tables. They are cooked in the oven and made in very few steps and with simple ingredients.

rice with galleys and cuttlefish

Rice with galleys and cuttlefish

Learn how to prepare this delicious rice with the help of our recipe. If you want to surprise with a different recipe, try this rice with galleys and cuttlefish.

Roasted pumpkin pie

With an autumn flavor thanks to the roasted pumpkin and cinnamon. This pumpkin pie can be eaten warm or cold and is very popular with children.

Quick White Bean Stew

If you want to prepare a good white bean stew but have forgotten to soak them, take a look at our recipe. Quick and easy.

Vegetable and meat lasagna

I love preparing vegetable and meat lasagna because in this way I take advantage of all the vegetable leftovers that I have ...

Bunyols from Tots Sants

In Menorca these days it is a tradition to make and consume Bunyols de Tots Sants or Buñuelos de Todos los Santos….

Salad with a bed of mushrooms

At the base of the plate we will put the sautéed mushrooms. On them, a simple potato, carrot, hard-boiled egg, tomato and mayonnaise salad.

Brussels sprouts with bacon

We show you how to cook brussels sprouts in a simple way. We will put some bacon cubes on them and we will sauté them in the pan.

Chicken curry

I have been making this chicken curry recipe "my way" for many years and whenever someone…

Cream flan

Flan is a dessert that young and old like, and today's homemade cream flan will surely not disappoint. With step-by-step photos.

Light potato omelette

Prepare it because you will like it. It has fewer calories than the traditional tortilla and we are going to give it a touch of color and flavor with the parsley

Pumpkin and zucchini cream

You will love its texture and taste. It has pumpkin and a little zucchini. Do not hesitate to put a good homemade vegetable broth to make it delicious.

Rice, vegetables and tofu wok

Learn how to prepare this delicious rice, vegetables and tofu wok by following our step by step. A very complete recipe suitable for vegetarians.

Rice pudding and cream

Great traditional dessert to which we will add cream to give it a better texture. The little ones, of course, love it!

Creamy ricotta and grape cake

We will make the dough with our hands, creating crumbs. And to make the cream we will only need to mix three ingredients with a wooden spoon. Easy peasy.

Cooked croquettes without butter

Great homemade recipes, creamy, full of flavor and with a lot of meat. We will make them with cocid meat and the children will be delighted to eat them.

Lentils with rice

Delicious lentils with rice. A very complete dish in which we will combine a legume and a cereal. A good source of protein for the whole family.

Russian salad with prawns

Russian salad with prawns

This Russian salad with prawns is delicious and serves both as a main dish and as an appetizer. Ideal to consume all year round.

Beans with tomato and blood sausage

Great recipe to take advantage of the black pudding from the stew, with a delicious homemade tomato sauce, beans and hard-boiled egg. You have to try it!

Rustic quark cheese cake

Today's cake has quark cheese, butter and milk so it is rich in dairy. I have called it rustic ...

Ricotta and jam tart

It is not so difficult to make a homemade cake. The one we propose has a cocoa base, a simple ricotta cream and jam on the surface.

Portobello and bacon carbonara

Simple, original and exquisite carbonara pasta with portobello mushrooms and bacon. With step-by-step photographs so as not to lose detail.

Gluten-free cashew cake

Great recipe for pastry lovers that even gluten intolerant people can take. It is made with cashew nuts.

Nectarine plum-cake

Great plum-cake with nectarine pieces. Good texture, good flavor ... and also made with ingredients that we all have at home.

Breaded eggplants

Breaded eggplants

Today I show you how I prepare battered aubergines at home, which serve us both as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to ...

Battered apple rings in wine

Apple rings are popular with the whole family. It is made with simple ingredients: apple, wine ... An original snack or a great dessert.

Ratatouille with fried egg

The best thing we can do when making the ratatouille is to use seasonal vegetables. Today we will serve it with fried eggs, delicious!

spinach and tuna dumplings

Spinach and tuna dumplings

The dumplings can be filled with an infinite number of ingredients, both sweet and savory. Today I suggest you prepare some spinach and tuna dumplings.

Cream and peach tart in syrup

It is perfect for children to entertain themselves in the kitchen. You can substitute the peach to your liking for another canned fruit.

Chicken in sauce with potatoes

A chicken in a traditional sauce that will give us very little work. We will put all the ingredients in the saucepan and cook them over low heat.

Soup with meat broth

It is one of the favorite dishes of children and it is not for less. To prepare it we will prepare a great meat broth, there is no more secret :)

Stuffed biscuit cake1

Stuffed biscuit cake

Follow our step by step and learn how to prepare this easy and rich filled biscuit cake. For breakfasts, snacks and special occasions.

Fried egg crumbs

Great traditional crumbs that we will serve with fried eggs. A dish of use that children like a lot.


Cod rice and seafood

Prepare this delicious rice with cod and seafood throughout the year, with fresh cod or salted cod. Choose the seafood and make it to your liking.

Simple mushroom soup

Great recipe for the whole family, with mushrooms, milk and bread. Serve it as an aperitif, in small glasses, or as a first course, you will surely succeed!

hake Basque

Basque hake

  This is how my father prepares hake, although it is not the authentic Basque hake recipe, ...


Delicious appetizer made with a special salad and with bagels. Easy to prepare, it is liked by children and adults.

baked rabbit with potatoes

Baked rabbit with potatoes

The recipe for baked rabbit with potatoes is a traditional recipe, simple and uncomplicated. This recipe can be ...

Gnocchi with vegetables

Great homemade potato gnocchi sautéed with crispy vegetables. An original, healthy and restaurant-worthy dish.

Salty tomato tart

An original way to consume tomato. With basil, ricotta and puff pastry. Perfect for a casual dinner or as a starter to any meal.

Breaded sardines

This recipe for battered sardines makes it easy for us to incorporate blue fish into our weekly menus. Follow our step by step and learn how to prepare them.

Lentil Salad

A great lentil salad with mushrooms perfect for the hottest months of the year. An original way of consuming legumes.

Custard flan

Preparing puddings is a safe bet to get the dessert right. This coffee flan is sure to delight the elders of the house.

Lemon Buttermilk Bread

A simple sweet that is prepared in a moment with ingredients that we all have at home. It can be flavored with lemon, orange or some liquor.

Onion omelette

An inexpensive, juicy and very rich onion omelette. With simple ingredients and very easy to prepare. Do not stop trying it.

Orange and yogurt sponge cake

Delicate, smooth, with little sugar and little fat. An ideal cake for breakfast or a snack that we can even use to prepare cakes

Chickpeas With Chorizo

A homemade legume dish that is very complete thanks to the vegetables and the chorizo. So that it has less fat, we can cook the chorizo ​​separately.

Cream and vanilla ice cream

Great cream and vanilla ice cream that we can prepare at home if we have a refrigerator. Soft, delicate ... it appeals to the whole family.

coconut bites

Coconut bites

Very simple recipe to prepare juicy coconut sandwiches in just a few minutes. Or they serve to accompany coffee, snack ...

Creamy apple pie

A different apple pie, creamy, with little flour and a lot of fruit. It has milk, butter, cinnamon, eggs, and sugar.

Focaccia with rosemary

Making a delicious focaccia at home is not complicated. With flour, water, milk in this case and oil we will obtain an irresistible snack for children.


Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Lasagna

Follow the step by step of our recipe and learn how to prepare a delicious roast chicken and vegetable lasagna to take advantage of the food leftovers in your fridge.

Eggplant stuffed with cheese

Today's protagonists will be aubergines and cheeses. We will create a complete and delicate dish that both adults and children like.

Cream sponge cake

We teach you how to prepare a delicious sponge cake. It is very easy to make and we will use traditional ingredients.

lamb my grandmother's style

Lamb my grandmother's style

Taking advantage of the fact that this Sunday is Mother's Day, I am going to share with you a family recipe, the recipe ...

Turmeric bread

A perfect brioche bread to prepare toasts. It has egg, butter and a teaspoon of turmeric that will add color and flavor.

Carbonara with egg yolks

If you like carbonara pasta, you have to try our proposal: with egg yolks, without whites and without cream. Very good!



The esgarrat or esgarraet is a cold salad whose main ingredients are roasted red pepper and cod in ...

Egg white and cocoa cake

An ideal recipe to take advantage of the egg whites that we may have left over from other preparations. An easy cake that the little ones like.

Cauliflower pesto pasta

We are going to prepare the cauliflower in a different way: in the form of pesto. It will be the perfect accompaniment to our favorite pasta.

French toast with cream

French toast with cream

Follow our step by step to prepare these delicious French toast with cream. A typical and traditional Easter dessert.

Cream and lemon torrijas

These honey and cream torrijas are really delicious. Flavored with cinnamon and lemon we are going to prepare them with our house bread.

ricotta and lemon cake

Ricotta and lemon cake

To enjoy good breakfasts and snacks, without resorting to industrial pastries, nothing better than a rich homemade ricotta and lemon sponge cake

Zucchini and fennel cream

A different cream, light and with a special flavor thanks to fennel. Perfect for dinner parties, it is so soft that children really like it.

Pork sausage lasagna

A lasagna loaded with flavor that the little ones like a lot. We will make the filling with fresh sausage cooked on the barbecue.

Green beans with bechamel

A recipe that children really like: green beans with béchamel sauce and Parmesan. A different way to consume this vegetable.

Puff pastry and roast cake

The recipe for today is very simple once we have roasted the vegetables. This puff pastry coca and roast the ...

White beans with vegetables

A very healthy vegetable dish made with white beans and different varieties of vegetables: carrot, pepper and cauliflower.

Apple and walnut cake

A recipe with two protagonists: fruit and nuts. We will prepare the dough with basic ingredients such as eggs, flour and butter.

sausages in white wine

Sausages in white wine

Here you have a simple recipe that is delicious, delicious. These sausages with white wine serve as your main dish ...

Puff pastry pie with tuna

Delicious and simple puff pastry pie made with tuna, peas, eggs and tomato. The little ones will love it.

Fried apple rings

A dessert that the whole family likes a lot, especially children. Ideally, they will help you prepare it: they will have fun in the kitchen.

Bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce

The bechamel sauce is a very versatile sauce and it is used for many recipes, vegetables or gratin pasta, cannelloni or ...

Donuts with lemon and rum

Fluffy, soft and with an exceptional flavor, this is how these lemon fritters are that you can flavor or not with a splash of rum.

Light cream of cauliflower

A simple cream made with few ingredients. We will put a black olives and extra virgin olive oil once it is on the plates.

Lentils with chorizo

Lentils with chorizo ​​are a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine. This version is very popular with the whole family and is very easy to prepare.

Beef burgers with mushrooms

These are one of our favorite burgers. I used to prepare them with onion but lately I have replaced this ingredient with mushrooms. Well…

Chickpeas with vegetables

Extraordinary chickpea stew with vegetables. Vegetables are not going to be seen to the delight of some parents and many children.

Birthday cake

A homemade birthday cake, very simple but really delicious. It is filled with blueberry jam and cream, the same that we will use to cover it.

Scrambled eggs with broccoli

Today we are going to prepare a broccoli scramble that can be served as a garnish or as a first course. Is characterized…

Homemade cannelloni

Homemade cannelloni

In today's recipe I explain step by step how to make delicious homemade cannelloni taking advantage of the remains after preparing a homemade broth.

Pasta with mushrooms

A first course made with few ingredients but with an exceptional result. Simple pasta with mushrooms, oregano and pepper.

homemade broth

Homemade broth

With the arrival of a new cold wave, nothing better than a delicious homemade broth prepared at home to warm up. Enjoy our recipe.

Nut bread

An ideal homemade bread for breakfasts. It has walnuts and flax and allows you to mix two types of flours, one for strength and the other less traditional.

Dairy Free Apple Pie

We can call it apple pie or apple cake ... but it is the least important. What interests us is that it is easy and it is delicious.

Philadelphia cheese shake

Today we bring you a very simple and quick recipe to make but one that is tasty. The Philadelphia cheese shake ...

Roasted pepper and belly salad

  A very simple and healthy recipe for today, a salad of roasted peppers and belly, rich, rich. We will accompany you ...

Marinated hake

Children love hake cooked this way. They are crunchy and flavorful bites. Serve them with a good salad and you will have a delicious dinner.

Artichoke chips

A light appetizer that you will love if you like artichokes. Easy to prepare and with fewer calories because it is made in the oven.



The escalivada or escalibada is a traditional dish typical of Catalonia, although it is also prepared in other regions of Spain ...

Pinto beans with compango

We will try to make this traditional spoon dish somewhat lighter. We will obtain delicious black beans with a little less fat.

Potato salad with paprika

A different salad, made with cooked potato, paprika, hard-boiled egg, onion ... A simple dish that the whole family likes.

Salmon Stuffed eggplants

Salmon Stuffed eggplants

A recipe that you cannot ignore, these delicious aubergines stuffed with salmon are a very complete dish that the whole family will also like.

Green beans gratin

We show you another way to prepare green beans: cooked, sautéed and au gratin with Parmesan cheese and mozzarella. With step-by-step photos.

Meat stew with potatoes

We teach you how to make a meat stew with potatoes and apple made with white wine and a simple homemade apple and vegetable broth.

Arancini as a recipe for use

Not all harvest recipes have to be boring. These arancini are very popular with children and are very easy to prepare.


Chicken in whiskey sauce

With this recipe for chicken in whiskey sauce, the chicken is tender and juicy. A simple recipe suitable for the whole family.

Grelos with chilli

A different aperitif made with slightly spicy turnip greens and on toast. Economic, original and seasonal.


Pasta with mushrooms, prawns and ham

Enjoy a rich pasta combining flavors of land and sea. This pasta with mushrooms, prawns and ham is delicious and is sure to be liked by the whole family.

smoked salmon mousse

Smoked salmon mousse

  This smoked salmon mousse is a perfect appetizer for special lunches and dinners, especially Christmas ones….

Pear and rum jam

We teach you how to prepare a delicious pear and rum jam. The perfect accompaniment to a varied cheese board.

prawn and spinach crepes

Prawn and spinach crepes

This recipe for pancakes with prawns and spinach is light and serves both for an informal dinner and for a ...

Pasta with mushrooms and cream

You can use your favorite mushrooms. If you respect the cooking times of the pasta, you will get a simple but very rich dish.

Puff pastry mini pizzas

The mini pizzas are perfect for informal snacks or for any children's celebration. Kids will have fun preparing them and will love eating them



Discover in this recipe how to make bitters, delicious Menorcan almond pastes typical of Christmas and festive seasons.

Banana And Oatmeal Cookies

Some cookies without added sugar, without oil, eggs or butter. They are prepared in a moment and we can change them according to the ingredients we have.

Fish curry

A marinated, battered and fried fish, full of flavor thanks mainly to the soy sauce. We serve it with a refreshing yogurt and lemon sauce.

Hummus Canapes

Christmas is approaching and, with it, the headaches to decide what dishes to bring to the table. U.S…

meat in sauce with mushrooms

Meat in sauce with mushrooms

Prepare this rich recipe for meat in sauce with mushrooms taking advantage of the fresh seasonal mushrooms. You will not be able to stop dipping bread.

Chard stalks with ham

Delicious chard stalks for young and old, with battered cooked ham. An easy dish to prepare that children really like.

White and purple mashed potatoes

If children already like mashed potatoes, it will attract them even more because of its color. It is made with purple or violet potatoes and with the traditional ones.

Baked gilthead bream

Baked Baked Dorada

Follow our step by step to enjoy a rich gilthead sea bream. A simple, traditional and healthy recipe.

Mango Smoothie in Thermomix

A good glass of mango smoothie is a very interesting option to refresh the hot summer afternoons. What's more…

Chicken stew with carrots

We teach you how to prepare a simple chicken stew with carrots. Don't forget the bread, the sauce is crying out for it.

Nougat cocktail

The nougat smoothie is a simple and original recipe to eat nougat in a different way. Print Nougat cocktail ...

Mushrooms with tomato and bacon

We teach you how to cook mushrooms using the juice of a natural tomato. The bacon will give more flavor to the dish and will make it even more complete

rice with chanterelles

Rice with chanterelles

Enjoy the mushroom season preparing this delicious rice with chanterelles. Rich and very complete, it is sure that the whole family will like it.

Potatoes with skin

Making potatoes with skin involves preparing the ingredients to bring them to the table. Then, each diner will have to compose their plate as they like best!

salmon and mustard puff pastry

Salmon and mustard puff pastry

Enjoy this rich salmon and mustard puff pastry. Juicy and crunchy, with the special touch of mustard and olives, you cannot miss it.

Sourdough milk bread

An ideal bread for the little ones' sandwiches. It is always soft and can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

Sautéed green beans, with pepper and hazelnuts

The best thing about cooking is the endless recipes that we can make with the same ingredient. Today we are going to bring to the table some green beans sautéed with Another way to bring green beans to the table: sautéed with red pepper, garlic and nuts.

chicken with peaches

Chicken with peaches

Follow our step-by-step recipe to prepare a delicious baked chicken with peaches. Do not forget to take advantage of the seasonal fruit in your dishes.

Red fruit cake without oven

In this cake without an oven, what is surprising is the contrast, both in taste and textures. On the one hand we have the creaminess of the cream that contrasts, This cake without an oven different and full of contrasts: the acid of the red futos, the softness of the cream ... Do not forget the chocolate chips.

Zucchini and rice cream

This cream is a good option for dinner any day of the week. It is light, with a lot of zucchini ...

Lasagna with brussels sprouts

If the brussels sprouts with bechamel are delicious, a lasagna with brussels sprouts cannot disappoint us. Try them and you will see that I am right. Brussels sprouts, béchamel and pasta ... as a result we can only get a plate of 10. Don't miss the step-by-step photos.

Millet and banana porridge

Millet and banana porridge is an ideal alternative to discover new flavors and textures. You already know that from 6 to 11 months the diet of babies is With this millet and banana porridge your baby will discover new flavors and creamy textures that they will love. Easy to make and gluten free.

Oil dough for savory cakes

Today we teach you how to prepare the perfect base for a savory cake. We will use extra virgin olive oil, so the result can only be. We teach you how to prepare an oil base for savory cakes, with step-by-step photos, so you don't miss any details.

Roasted Tomato Sauce

With this roasted tomato sauce you will have a delicious recipe to accompany other dishes. It is simple and easy to prepare.

Pineapple and banana juice

We continue to enjoy the last weeks of summer with walks and field trips. And for a snack we usually prepare delicious fruit recipes like this juice Delicious pineapple and banana juice. Simple to make and so versatile that you can take it for breakfasts, snacks, birthdays and excursions.

Spanish omelette with pickled mussels

I encourage you to prepare this original potato omelette, especially if you like pickled mussels. With one or two cans of mussels we are going to A different omelette that everyone will like, especially those who love pickled mussels. With a lot of flavor, more color ... great!

Chocolate pudding and cookies

If you want to surprise with a delicious and extremely easy recipe, don't forget to prepare this chocolate pudding and cookies. As addictive as it is simple. And here is the recipe to prepare a delicious chocolate pudding and cookies. An easy, quick and full of flavor dessert.

Chicken in cocotte

We are going to cook chicken in a cocotte. The result is a very juicy meat, halfway between cooked and roasted, that practically cooks itself. A very simple chicken recipe. The result is a juicy chicken, halfway between roasted and cooked, with a wonderful garnish of potatoes.

Baked whiting

Preparing a whiting in the oven is very simple if you follow this recipe. It will only need 10 minutes of baking and it will be very tasty because it is Simple and delicious. This is how the whiting looks when we bake it with garlic and parsley. Try it because you are sure to like it.

Children's coral lentil puree

Today we have prepared a children's puree with coral lentils for when the time comes to incorporate new ingredients into your baby's diet. The Good With this children's coral lentil puree you can incorporate new ingredients into your baby's diet easily and without complications.

Microwave Potatoes

In today's post I'm going to show you how my mother cooks potatoes in the microwave. He chops them into thin slices (as if they were for an omelette) and then A very simple garnish that you will have ready in 15 minutes. Prepare a microwave-safe container and you will see how well the potatoes cook.

Chorizos with cava

This is one of those traditional recipes that surprise for its simplicity. They are simply tender sausages cooked in cava and they are delicious. The advantage A recipe too simple for how rich it is. We will chop the chorizo ​​to cook it in cava and you can see it all in our step-by-step photos.

Weightless lemon cake

Even if we don't have a scale, we can make a very simple lemon cake using tablespoons and teaspoons as a measure. We will need 3 eggs and 2 To make this cake we will not even need a scale. We will use a soup spoon and a dessert spoon to measure the quantities.

Matcha tea lemonade

If you are looking for a refreshing drink, do not miss the matcha tea lemonade that we have prepared. It is the ideal way to hydrate in summer and, This summer refresh yourself with matcha tea lemonade. Let its many benefits take care of you to look younger and full of vitality.

Cod with tomato

The cod, well cooked, is delicious. Today's recipe is made with frozen cod that we barely had to desalt (with having it for an hour This cod with tomato is a fish dish that you can serve with potatoes or white rice. Easy to prepare and very tasty.

Soft diet carrot and potato puree

Make a note of this recipe for soft diet carrot and potato puree because it is a basic recipe for when your little one has an upset tummy. This recipe for mashed potatoes and carrots for a soft diet will be very useful when your little one has problems with his tummy.

Rice with parsley and walnut pesto

We are going to give you an alternative to your white rice. If you want to vary and add color to your dish, try mixing it with this simple pesto. With the parsley pesto you can get a delicious and original rice dish. It will also serve to accompany your pasta.

Banana and raspberry smoothie

A very good recipe, with few ingredients and very simple that young and old like everything: banana and raspberry smoothie.

Two chocolates cake

We teach you how to prepare an original cake made with a simple chocolate cake dipped in syrup and a chocolate and cream icing.

Beans with clams

We teach you how to make a traditional dish: beans with clams. And with photos of the step by step, so you don't miss any detail.

Mango and matcha tea smoothie

This mango and matcha tea smoothie is as simple as it is delicious. Full of good properties to enjoy while we take care of ourselves.

Roasted shoulders

Today's is a traditional Sunday recipe: Roasted lamb shoulder. We will make them with lard, white wine and little else ... The heat of A traditional Sunday recipe: roasted shoulders with potatoes and onion. We will use lard and a little white wine.

Sundried Tomato and Walnut Pesto

Today's recipe serves both as an appetizer, if we bring it to the table as a pate, and as a sauce for any type of pasta. It is made with dried tomatoes. You can use it as an aperitif or as a sauce for your favorite pasta. It is a delicious red pesto that, with a chopper, is prepared in a moment

Easy red berry smoothie

With this easy red fruit smoothie you will have a simple and delicious drink for your summer snacks or breakfasts.

Pasta with parmesan and sage

To make a creamy pasta with Parmesan you just have to follow the steps indicated in the recipe. It is simple but the result is exceptional.

Summer fruit cake

An original and delicious cake made with a crunchy dough and a very simple and very rich filling made with seasonal fruits

Mushroom and walnut pate

Delicious mushroom and walnut pate. A recipe that you can use at informal parties since it is easy to make and easy to transport.

Puffed rice snack

Kids love it. They like to prepare it and, of course, eat it afterwards. Make this puffed rice and chocolate snack with them, it will be fun!

Lemon zucchini pasta

A perfect wholemeal pasta for those who want to take care of their diet. We will make it with slices of zucchini marinated in oil and lemon.

Summer parmigiana

We will adapt the traditional parmigiana aubergines to this time of year. We will thus obtain a delicious and original starter.

Simple mussel pate

With this simple mussel pâté you will have in 3 minutes a tasty appetizer or starter for your dinners or parties with friends.

Banana puff pastry

Some delicious and ideal puff pastry for the little ones to prepare. Let them work, they will love to eat what they have prepared afterwards.

Avocado cream for salty toasts

A perfect avocado cream for making toasts. You can accompany it with eggs, cheese, anchovies, cherry tomatoes ... it goes well with everything.

Lentils with mushrooms

We are going to prepare some healthy lentils, with just a splash of olive oil and lots of vegetables. Buy mushrooms because we are going to need them.

Quinoa and maca smoothie

With this delicious and nutritious quinoa and maca shake it is a fantastic option for breakfast or a snack. Ready in 2 minutes.

Chickpeas with vinaigrette

An ideal legume salad for the warmer months. The vinaigrette is made with boiled egg, parsley, onion ... And we also teach you how to cook the chickpeas in the pressure cooker.