Juicy rice with lamb

Juicy rice with lamb

For all lovers of creating the perfect rice, this dish with lamb is delicious and very nutritious to eat with the whole family.

Rice pudding in a quick cooker

If you feel like having rice pudding but you don't have time to prepare it, take a look at this recipe. We teach you how to prepare it in the pressure cooker.

rice with galleys and cuttlefish

Rice with galleys and cuttlefish

Learn how to prepare this delicious rice with the help of our recipe. If you want to surprise with a different recipe, try this rice with galleys and cuttlefish.

Rice, vegetables and tofu wok

Learn how to prepare this delicious rice, vegetables and tofu wok by following our step by step. A very complete recipe suitable for vegetarians.

Rice pudding and cream

Great traditional dessert to which we will add cream to give it a better texture. The little ones, of course, love it!

Lentils with rice

Delicious lentils with rice. A very complete dish in which we will combine a legume and a cereal. A good source of protein for the whole family.


Cod rice and seafood

Prepare this delicious rice with cod and seafood throughout the year, with fresh cod or salted cod. Choose the seafood and make it to your liking.

Arancini as a recipe for use

Not all harvest recipes have to be boring. These arancini are very popular with children and are very easy to prepare.

rice with chanterelles

Rice with chanterelles

Enjoy the mushroom season preparing this delicious rice with chanterelles. Rich and very complete, it is sure that the whole family will like it.

Rice with parsley and walnut pesto

We are going to give you an alternative to your white rice. If you want to vary and add color to your dish, try mixing it with this simple pesto. With the parsley pesto you can get a delicious and original rice dish. It will also serve to accompany your pasta.

Rice for beginners

A perfect rice for those who are new to the kitchen and are afraid of not giving that "point to rice". We will use steamed rice, which will always be perfect.

Portobello with basmati rice

We teach you how to prepare portobello mushrooms in a simple way, with white wine. We will serve them with basmati rice. Great!

Kubak, a Chinese puffed rice dish

We tell you how to prepare Kubak rice and we give you 3 very simple recipes to prepare with which you will lick your fingers. Can you prepare ku bak with prawns or ku-bak three delicacies? Enter and discover how it is done.

Tomatoes stuffed with rice

Delicious stuffed tomatoes made with rice, aromatic herbs, potatoes, onions ... so rich that they can be eaten both hot and cold.

Watermelon and rice salad

A summer salad made with watermelon, kiwi, tomato lettuce ... a colorful and very appetizing dish for the hottest days of the year.

Pear risotto with blue cheese

Risotto and pears? Yes, as you hear it! Accustomed to preparing the typical risotto, today we have a very special recipe of…

Easy chicken rice

It is one of the dishes of a lifetime, which our grandmothers prepared when many people came to…

Pumpkin Risotto

Taking advantage of the fact that it is pumpkin season, today we have to eat a delicious recipe, simple to make and perfect for all…

Cheese balls with rice

Surely you always usually prepare the croquettes in the same way, well, today we are going to make some special croquettes, to…

Thai fried rice

The authentic Thai recipe is a variety of fried rice known as Khao Pad. It is usually made with the grain…

My mother's lean rice

Grandma's recipes are passed on to mothers and, if we are a bit of a cook, our children learn them. Almost…

Danish almond rice pudding

This weekend we are going with a traditional dessert from Denmark, very similar to our rice pudding This week…

Good Friday rice

Vegetables such as artichokes or broad beans, very spring, and cod, one of the classics of the cuisine of…

Rice pudding soup

If we do it with some of its already prepared ingredients, this soufflé will be much faster than…

Cuban rice, made in Spain

Eggs, rice, the vegetables in the tomato sauce (if it is homemade, much better) and even fruit. How complete is...

Seafood rice in Thermomix

Blessed Thermomix that allows us to chop and prepare the paella sauce, prepare the seafood fumet and stew...

Rice gnocchi, gluten-free

We will prepare some gnocchi in which we eliminate the wheat flour, not suitable for coeliacs, and replace it with rice...

Russian rice salad

We will replace the queen of tubers, the potato, with rice to make this kind of Russian salad. The rest…

Soupy rice a la marinera

A good brothy rice stew allows us to play with the shellfish and fish that we like the most. We can choose…

Puffed rice lollipops

These sweet, crunchy and colorful puffed rice lollipops are a treat that will fill children with energy, thank you ...

Cuban rice with sausages

This rice with sausages is a very complete dish for children and for which we should not be afraid ...

Korean rice cake soup

Have you ever seen white, hard and oval pills in Asian food stores. Well, they are the ...

Fish risotto

You already know that risotto is rice, which combines very well with anything, so this time…