Wheat and chicken salad

An original salad made with wheat and chicken. Full of flavor thanks to intensely flavored ingredients.

Potato salad with smoked cod

Potato salad with smoked cod

If you want to prepare an exceptional starter, here we propose a delicious and fine potato salad with smoked cod. You'll love it!

California salad

California salad

Prepare a super delicious California salad with a mix of crunchy flavors and a special honey and mustard sauce.

Russian salad without potatoes

Russian salad without potatoes

We teach you how to prepare a delicious Russian salad without potatoes. A delicious snack loaded with protein that everyone will like.

Red cabbage and orange salad

A salad loaded with flavor and also color: with raw red cabbage, orange wedges and cashew nuts. With step-by-step photos.

Lentil Salad

A great lentil salad with mushrooms perfect for the hottest months of the year. An original way of consuming legumes.

Roasted pepper and belly salad

A very simple and healthy recipe for today, a salad of roasted peppers and belly, delicious, delicious. We will accompany you with…

Potato salad with paprika

A different salad, made with cooked potato, paprika, hard-boiled egg, onion ... A simple dish that the whole family likes.

Potatoes with skin

Making potatoes with skin involves preparing the ingredients to bring them to the table. Then, each diner will have to compose their plate as they like best!

Summer parmigiana

We will adapt the traditional parmigiana aubergines to this time of year. We will thus obtain a delicious and original starter.

Chickpeas with vinaigrette

An ideal legume salad for the warmer months. The vinaigrette is made with boiled egg, parsley, onion ... And we also teach you how to cook the chickpeas in the pressure cooker.

Mushroom carpaccio with walnut pesto

This mushroom carpaccio with walnut pesto is simple to prepare, it is delicious and it also has an elegant presentation with which to surprise your guests.

Tomato and mozzarella salad2

Tomato and mozzarella salad

A classic: tomato and mozzarella salad, with black olives, sweet onion and garlic chips. Perfect as an accompaniment.

Exquisite Russian salad

A different version of the classic Russian salad: juicy, tasty and exquisite, everyone will be surprised! Ideal as a starter.

Murciana Salad

Great traditional recipe from the Region of Murcia. A simple, easy, light and delicious dish. Ideal for any occasion.

Spinach, mozzarella and grape salad

A salad loaded with vitamins and minerals. With fresh spinach, grapes, walnuts, honey ... a different and irresistible combination of flavors.

Country salad with asparagus

Very cool it is a delight. The onion and parsley vinaigrette makes this country salad special, with an intense and irresistible flavor.

Watermelon and rice salad

A summer salad made with watermelon, kiwi, tomato lettuce ... a colorful and very appetizing dish for the hottest days of the year.

Salad with yogurt sauce

Summer salad with yogurt sauce

A refreshing low calorie salad. With lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot and an original Greek yogurt dressing with chives, great!

Zucchini and mango salad

Exotic zucchini and mango salad, with crunchy caramelized sesame. Ideal as a starter to surprise our guests.

Cooked potato salad

An easy and very quick recipe for those days when we go to the beach or the pool,…

Salad with parmesan tartlets

Tired of preparing the same salads all the time? Today we have prepared a very fun and different option with which to surprise…

Coleslaw with sausages

If you are looking for a quick dinner for tonight, this salad is perfect because you can prepare it in advance. We will only need cabbage,…

Watermelon and feta salad

Fresh and very healthy! This is this watermelon and feta cheese salad that gets us out of trouble when…

5 Fresh salads for summer

Long live the salad! It combines with all kinds of ingredients, it is prepared in the blink of an eye, and above all, ...

Fig, goat cheese and walnut salad

And we continue with more healthy recipes for these days of cold and excesses. Taking advantage of the fact that we are still in season of…

Avocado and mango salad

It is a very fresh and delicious salad for summer, especially for vegetarians. Do you want to know how it is done?…

Chicken to the Coronation

It seems incredible that a recipe as simple as this one was created for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The…

Carrot salad with raisins

As a fresh garnish or as an original salad we propose this recipe for carrots dressed with a creamy yogurt sauce,…

Tomato carpaccio with mozzarella

Do you remember the gnocchi a la caprese? Yes, that tomato with mozzarella. We will transform your presentation to make a carpaccio, serving…

Bulgarian potato salad

Although it is Bulgarian, this cooked potato salad does not contain ingredients foreign to our cuisine, much less unusual ...

Russian rice salad

We will replace the queen of tubers, the potato, with rice to make this kind of Russian salad. The rest…

Salmon salad with avocado aioli

In addition to being tasty and original, this salad has an important nutritional value in terms of the quality of its fats….

Orange and fennel salad

This recipe for ORANGE SALAD is original, exquisite and low in calories. Fennel, aromatic and with an aniseed flavor, ...

Pasta salad, vegetables and fruit

Being able to drink it warm, this salad is healthy and light to be able to resume that pre-Christmas diet from which it seems that ...

Melon and seafood cocktail

Do you remember the melon stuffed in salad? That recipe was great in both taste and presentation. Well now from ...

Squid salad

Some fresh and fresh squid will serve us to create a very complete salad. You don't know how rich the ...

German salad, with sausages!

The German salad is delicious and very complete. It has potatoes, sausages and some sauce that seasons it, like…

Taboulé, couscous salad

Taboulé is a cold couscous dish typical of Moroccan cuisine. Touched in lemon juice, it usually carries ...

Coleslaw and oranges

To have a completely winter dish, we have combined oranges and cabbage in a rich salad that is ...

Rice salad with mayonnaise

The ease of preparation of this dish makes it ideal for those moments when we don't know what to give to our ...