Chapati: a very simple Indian bread in a pan (without yeast)

El chapati bread is consumed in India and Pakistan and also receives with other names such as pulka, roti or naan. It goes without saying that its ingredients may vary depending on the area. The fat used to make it in our case will be oil, but in the original recipe it is Ghee, a product obtained from beef lard.

Bread is often used as a spoon to catch food or to accompany soups or other preparations. To the do not carry yeast not nothing heavy and digests very well (Sure, as long as you don't binge, which is easy because it's delicious). It is usually taken hot so as we make them we will put them on top of each other covered with a cloth to keep them warm. I'll tell you how to do it.


  • 3 cups of flour
  • Less than 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of oil

Preparation of unleavened bread

indian bread

  1. In a large bowl or salad bowl, mix the flour, salt and oil. We knead, adding little by little the water (warm) that the dough admits, until we get a homogeneous, soft dough that does not stick to our fingers and separates from the walls of the container.
  2. We go to the work surface dusted with flour and knead very well. The kneading, as in all breads, is the most important step: the more time we dedicate to it, the better the result will be. You can do it with a mixer, or with a robot, but I love to knead by hand and smear with flour.
  3. We will let the dough rest covered with a cloth for half an hour. Then, we will divide the dough into balls the size of an egg more or less and we will stretch them with the roller, sprinkling the surface with more flour in the process to prevent them from sticking. They should be as thin and round as possible.
  4. Finally we place them on a very hot and lightly oiled griddle or pan. When small bubbles appear in the dough, we turn it over and continue cooking it for a few moments until it is well done and browned (be careful not to burn them).

Note: we take them out of the pan with the shape, we can spread each bread with a little oil or melted butter so that they do not get stuck together; they will also be tastier.

Types of Indian bread

Naan bread

If we have to find a synonym for the so-called Hindu bread, this will be the most accurate. Although naan bread is consumed on special occasions and is not always homemade. It is usually cooked in a kind of clay oven and with refined flour. Without a doubt, its flavor is very characteristic. Among its ingredients we will find butter and even yogurt.

Here's a recipe:

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Paratha bread

It is a type of thin bread that we can even compare with puff pastry. Before cooking, this paratha bread it is painted with clarified butter or butter that is melted. When it comes to cooking, it is again made with more butter. It is perfect to take at breakfast time. This type of bread will be cooked on an iron plate or frying pan, and it is also usually filled with filling to increase its flavor.

Poori bread

Indian poori bread

It is one of the types of bread eaten in North India. For its preparation, both flour, water and salt are used. It is made by rolling it into a kind of disk (to flatten the dough) and then frying in the pan with oil or with ghee.

If you are wondering what is ghee, we will tell you that it is clarified butter. It is widely used in this type of kitchen. It is obtained from the butter of cow's milk. Returning to the type of bread, it must be said that it is used in vegetarian meals. More than anything because it is used as a spoon, for those smaller foods that are not usually held with the hands.

Chapati, roti or phulka

They are the best known. We can say that it is also flat bread like the previous one. Yeast is not usually used and it is perfect to accompany other meals. As we said at the beginning, none of them can be without a pair of this type. They are very versatile and in addition, you can make roti with whole wheat flour. 

Fillings for Indian bread

Indian bread filling

As we have been commenting, Indian bread is usually the best accompaniment for various dishes of this gastronomy. But in addition to that, you can also make fillings. It is a way to complete a succulent idea like this. Naam bread can admit raisins as well as various spices in its preparation. Don't forget to add minced garlic or parsley. What will leave us a tastier bite. You can also cover it with mixtures of minced meat and vegetables. Of course, cheese is also another of the important fillings for Indian bread.

  • Cheese filling: It is the simplest !. When you already have the dough for the bread ready, you will have to place a slice of cheese between two parts, seal them well and go to the pan.
  • Raisins and nuts: Another variant is also between these two ingredients. You can combine the raisins and the nuts that you like the most. The flavor is unique and you are sure to repeat.
  • Spinach: A healthier idea is to make a spinach filling. To do this, we will have to put a little butter in a pan and sauté the spinach. You can add a pinch of salt, cumin and even spicy powder, if it is to your liking. The process will be the same: between two pieces of dough, place a little filling and close well.
  • Potatoes and onion: You have to cook some potatoes and puree them. You will add a well chopped onion as well as spices of your choice and a pinch of pepper. Mix everything well and you will have a new filling for Indian bread.

As we can see, Indian bread can accept many fillings. You just have to let yourself be carried away by your tastes and a few strokes of imagination. That way, you will enjoy more than tasty ideas.

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  1.   Patricia said

    The amount of ingredients for the flatbreads does not appear.

  2.   Patricia malaga said

    Hello, could you put the amount of ingredients? Thank you!

    1.    Mario said

      Water 225 mL
      Flour 250 g
      Oil 10mL or more if necessary
      Salt, the essential.
      Essential consistency of the dough after kneading
      Practice adjusts the measurements ...

  3.   grace gonzalez said

    very good bread but most importantly what are the ingredients and how much do you need thanks

  4.   Mario said

    Water 225 mL
    Flour 250 g
    Oil 10mL or more if necessary
    Salt, the essential.
    Essential consistency of the dough after kneading
    Practice adjusts the measurements ...

  5.   Martin Prada said

    Good morning, unleavened bread, serves as a base for Pizza? Can I prepare Pizza in a pan if I don't have an oven?

  6.   Martin Prada said

    Good morning, the unleavened bread serves as a base for Pizza? Can I prepare Pizza in a pan if I don't have an oven?

  7.   Isabel said

    Hello. Very good recipes. A few years ago I made flatbreads. I used to make them with tomato and cheese, like a pizza. When turning them over, he put the cover on them and covered them. A quick fix for dinner. They are delicious.

    1.    ascen jimenez said

      Thanks, Isabel!