How to know if an egg is bad

How to know if an egg is bad

The egg is a food with a tendency that if it is not in good condition, it can be prone to producing poisoning, for that reason and especially in seasons such as summer where it is much hotter, we have to make sure that it is suitable for consumption before to use it in meals.

But…. ¿How to know if an egg is bad? Besides knowing the egg quality As we talked to you a long time ago in Recetin, it is essential to know if an egg is good or not.

How to know if an egg is good

If you want to learn how to know if an egg is bad, There is a trick that is very simple: You just have to fill a glass with water and insert the egg. As it behaves, we will observe:

  • If it sinks fast: It is that the egg is very fresh and is perfect to consume it.
  • If it sinks but stays upright:We see that the egg sinks slowly and stays at the bottom in an upright position. In this case the egg is not fresh, and it is starting to go bad. It can be consumed but if we are not very convinced, it is better not to eat it.
  • The egg floats: In this case, the egg is bad, so just throw it away.

How to check the freshness of the egg

Bad egg yolks

Also once the egg is opened, we can know if it is fresh or if it is a few days old:

  • If when you put the egg on the plate, it does not expand too much and the yolk is hard and well defined, the egg is very fresh.
  • If when we put the egg on the plate, we see that the white and the yolk are expanding throughout the plate, and the yolk is completely blurred, the egg is not too fresh.

Of course to check the egg freshnessThere are also other very simple techniques. Not only visual, but also auditory. To do this, you can bring the egg to your ear. You'll shake it to see if it makes a noise similar to splashing. Although it may seem a bit strange to you, it has its logic.

When it is a fresh egg, no such noise should appear. But when the egg is not as fresh as we think, it ages and both the yolk and the white tend to dry out a bit, forming a kind of air pocket inside. Hence the noise is much more appreciated.

In addition, you can cook it and you will also know if it is a fresh egg or not. First you will put a container with water on the fire and when it boils, place the eggs and cook for about 10 minutes. Then, you will cool with water to crack the eggs. Once opened, if the yolk is well centered, the egg is fresh. If it is to one side or more attached to the shell, then its freshness leaves much to be desired.

Egg yolk color

Yolk color to know if an egg is bad

There are people who depending on the yolk color, they believe that the egg may be bad or less fresh. Well we have to say that the color is not decisive for it. It will always depend on the type of hen that has put it. Although the clear one can give us slight clues that something is not right. If it has certain greenish or darker spots, then you should discard the egg because it indicates that it is infected by bacteria or fungi. Sometimes, after having cooked eggs and opening them, we can find a fine line in greenish tones but there is nothing to worry about, since the egg is still in good condition.

Keep them at the same temperature

If you have your eggs in the fridge, but for whatever reason, you've left some out for an hour, then forget about using it. More than anything because they should stay at the same temperature. It is always recommended that it be inside the refrigerator and not on the door. Since in this place there can be more changes in temperature.

Although it seems a bit complicated, it is not. We just have to follow these steps to be able to enjoy a healthy meal. More than anything because eggs contain many nutrients that our body needs. But if they are not in optimal condition, then they can turn against us. With these simple tricks, you will surely no longer have any doubts when it comes to eating an egg.

We hope that with all these tips and tricks you have learned how to know if an egg is bad.

And now that you know how to identify quality ones, we recommend this delicious recipe:

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