Egg quality, how to choose the best one?

Surely you have ever wondered about the meaning of numerical code found on the eggs. If you have ever noticed, each egg has several numbers and letters printed above the expiration date. It seems like just another registration code, but you can't imagine the volume of information that code contains, especially for us regular users.

In this code, you will be able to find information about the way in which the egg was produced, its identifier code, the country it comes from ... information that we usually do not know and go unnoticed.

Today Spain is the third country in egg production within the European Union, an encouraging figure if we understand that we have about 48 million hens that lay about one billion dozen eggs annually, Did you know these data?

Well, not all chickens live free and produce eggs in the way we would like. 90% are intensively raised, live caged and under artificial conditions.

In order to differentiate the quality of the eggs we eat, I will give you some basic information:
When we catch an egg we will see that it has at the beginning of the code a number that goes between 0 and 3 This number indicates the way in which the chickens are raised. The "0" means that these eggs are from free-range hens and fed on organic feed, the number «1» indicates that these are free-range hens, free and fed with natural feed, the number «2» corresponds to chickens reared in large houses, all of them crowded horizontally, and those with the number «3» they come from hens located vertically, in cages.

If from now on you start to look at it, you will see that in supermarkets you can hardly find units of organic eggs or with the codes "0" and "1" but the most common number is "3".

The next two letters of the code correspond to the country of production of said eggs, and the rest of the numerical code belongs to the identification code of the producer.

From now on you will surely pay more attention to the eggs you buy

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  1.   carmen said

    I wanted to say that the free-range eggs of the mercadona, those that are called that and on top of it put hens raised on the ground then they carry the code that starts at 3, I love Mercadona but it does not seem right to me that you put false information in the box, maybe not They know it, so I buy the eggs in Day that the cmperos start with 1

    1.    Recipe said

      Good afternoon Carmen, you are absolutely right, not only in Mercadona, in many supermarkets, for example, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, etc. those that contain the numerical code "3" are marked as free-range eggs, thus misleading the consumer. What I advise is that before buying eggs you look at the codes because you should not trust whether they are free-range hens :)
      Thanks for reading us !!

  2.   carmen diaz said

    But it's outrageous that they tease us like this, especially I don't want to eat eggs from crowded hens with mutilated beaks because they want to get more out of it, I prefer to pay a little more and know that they are chickens that live with dignity (I know that sounds like a a little ridiculous but I really can't eat those eggs) and thanks to you

  3.   Sonia said

    The free-range eggs of the Auchan brand (Alcampo) do have the number 1 in their code, the difference with the normal ones (those of 3) is quite considerable, the yolk is much more yellow and it shows in flavor, some tortillas come out of finger-licking potato ... I used to buy normal ones, but I have switched to these farmers, which are much richer, although it is true that they are a bit more expensive.

    1.    Recipe said

      Definitely a very good option Sonia.

      Hipercor campers that come in packs of 6 are also 1 :)

  4.   Iris said

    The truth is that you are right, the 0 is conspicuous by its absence in many establishments, it is rare that being from the same chain in Carrefour I do not find 0 eggs, but nevertheless I do on the day and at a very good price, the same happens with the ecosum, I always find 0, however neither in Mercadona nor in Carrefour they have, I never trust the name and I always look at the egg, and incidentally I check that none are broken

    1.    Recipe said

      Well, we search and search but the most we find and with effort is a 1 :(

  5.   Guest said

    Hello, well I would swear that the Mercadona camperos, at least in Segovia, have the code 1. I'll look at it again. Thank you.

    1.    Angela said

      Yes, the campers have the number 1 :)