Pasta with milk and butter

Few ingredients, simple and delicate flavors and a very smooth sauce. So we can appreciate the texture and flavor of a quality pasta cooked just right, it decir, and cook until pasta is. The key is to pour the pasta into plenty of salted water when it is boiling and respect the cooking time recommended by the container. After time, we quickly remove it from the heat and drain it, preparing it to our liking and without cooling it with cold water. What happens in this recipe changes things ... Water is useless.


We bring to a boil over medium heat and stirring from time to time in a non-stick pot 1 liter of milk, in principle, with salt. When it boils, add the pasta and cook for the recommended time. If we see that milk is needed, we add it boiling and little by little. We must have the pasta cooked in a reduced milk sauce, it is not necessary that we have too much milk left over. Before serving, mix the pasta with a little of the cooking milk and butter and the amount of pepper to taste. We rectify salt.

How to make pasta with evaporated milk

Pasta with milk

Making pasta with evaporated milk is one of the best ways to leave calories behind. Yes  We substitute the cream for the evaporated milk we will be giving our dishes a healthier touch. But yes, without having to give up the flavor that these types of ingredients add to us. First you have to boil the pasta in plenty of salted water. When it is almost ready, we place 100 grams of chopped bacon in a frying pan without oil.

It is time to beat three eggs, add a little salt and pepper. Now, we will add about 200 ml of evaporated milk and a little grated cheese. We mixed all the ingredients well. We drain the pasta and add our mixture to it so that it curdles, for a few minutes. To do this, we will leave it over a very low heat. As simple as that!. When you don't want to do pasta with creamNow you know that you have a great alternative.

Pasta with milk and cheese

Pasta with milk and cheese

As pasta is one of the dishes that everyone likes, there are always different ways to cook it. If you like milk and cheese, we're good to go. More than anything because we are going to make pasta with milk and cheese. To start adding flavor, we are going to fry a couple of garlic with a little olive oil. When they are almost golden brown, add a tablespoon of butter, 400 ml of chicken broth or water and 225 ml of milk. You can add salt and pepper to your liking. Now it is the turn to add the pasta, which we will cook for the necessary time and until the liquid has evaporated. Once you go to serve the pasta, you can add a little Parmesan cheese and you will finish a most delicious dish.

If, on the other hand, you want a pasta dish with a denser sauce, then you can cook the pasta as usual. That is, in a pot with water and salt. When it's al dente, you drain it. While in a pan, you will add a glass of milk and two beaten eggs. A little salt, grated cheese and you will have a new one sauce for your pasta.

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Coconut milk pasta

Juicy pasta with coconut milk

Instead of conventional milk, or cream, we have a healthier alternative. We are before the coconut milk pasta. A very tasty dish, which will allow you to taste a juicy textured pasta but it doesn't really taste like coconut, as you might think. If you like coconut, great but if you are one of those who do not accept it too much, you do not have to worry.

In this case, we start with a pan with a little oil, where we are going to brown a small chopped onion. Then we can add chunks of meat or mushrooms, according to the taste of each one. If you have opted for meat, you can also add a glass of white wine to give it more flavor. After that, we add 400 ml of coconut milk and let it boil. Then, we turn off the fire and reserve. We have to cook the pasta in salted water. When it's ready, we drain it and add it to our sauce. We stir well and we will have a healthy dish with coconut milk. Have you tried pasta with this type of milk?

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