Chicken Quesadilla Lasagna

Chicken Quesadilla Lasagna

If you like Mexican food, here you have a star dish shaped like a lasagna and made up of chicken, cheese and vegetable quesadillas.

Very easy sliced ​​bread

This homemade sliced ​​bread is made with olive oil, yogurt, milk ... and, with the yeasts, we can have it ready in about 3 hours.

Almond flan

Today's recipe is a simple and very rich dessert, an almond flan. With only 5 ingredients ...

Apple dessert and cookies

We will prepare the cookie dough and also what will be the base: some delicious apples with cane sugar and ground cinnamon.

Baked rib

You will like the taste of these baked little things and also how easy it is to prepare them. First we will bake them in papillote and then brown them.

Apricot Coca

We started the apricot season and nothing better than to start it with this delicious apricot coca or typical coca d'aubercocs ...

polvorones sponge cake

Polvorones sponge cake

This polvorones cake can be a perfect recipe to take advantage of the polvorones that we have left over from these pasts ...

Barbecue chicken wings

Barbecue chicken wings

You have to try this simple and delicious recipe for barbecue chicken wings made in the oven. An easy recipe and with which we practically do not stain.

Apple and ricotta puff pastry

Simple, delicate, easy to prepare and delicious. So are these apple and ricotta puff pastry. If you have puff pastry at home, do not hesitate to prepare them.

Creamy ricotta and grape cake

We will make the dough with our hands, creating crumbs. And to make the cream we will only need to mix three ingredients with a wooden spoon. Easy peasy.

spinach and tuna dumplings

Spinach and tuna dumplings

The dumplings can be filled with an infinite number of ingredients, both sweet and savory. Today I suggest you prepare some spinach and tuna dumplings.

baked rabbit with potatoes

Baked rabbit with potatoes

The recipe for baked rabbit with potatoes is a traditional recipe, simple and uncomplicated. This recipe can be ...

Salty tomato tart

An original way to consume tomato. With basil, ricotta and puff pastry. Perfect for a casual dinner or as a starter to any meal.


Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Lasagna

Follow the step by step of our recipe and learn how to prepare a delicious roast chicken and vegetable lasagna to take advantage of the food leftovers in your fridge.

lamb my grandmother's style

Lamb my grandmother's style

Taking advantage of the fact that this Sunday is Mother's Day, I am going to share with you a family recipe, the recipe ...

Puff pastry and roast cake

The recipe for today is very simple once we have roasted the vegetables. This puff pastry coca and roast the ...

Artichoke chips

A light appetizer that you will love if you like artichokes. Easy to prepare and with fewer calories because it is made in the oven.



The escalivada or escalibada is a traditional dish typical of Catalonia, although it is also prepared in other regions of Spain ...

Green beans gratin

We show you another way to prepare green beans: cooked, sautéed and au gratin with Parmesan cheese and mozzarella. With step-by-step photos.

Puff pastry mini pizzas

The mini pizzas are perfect for informal snacks or for any children's celebration. Kids will have fun preparing them and will love eating them

Banana And Oatmeal Cookies

Some cookies without added sugar, without oil, eggs or butter. They are prepared in a moment and we can change them according to the ingredients we have.

Oil dough for savory cakes

Today we teach you how to prepare the perfect base for a savory cake. We will use extra virgin olive oil, so the result can only be. We teach you how to prepare an oil base for savory cakes, with step-by-step photos, so you don't miss any details.

Roasted Tomato Sauce

With this roasted tomato sauce you will have a delicious recipe to accompany other dishes. It is simple and easy to prepare.

Chicken in cocotte

We are going to cook chicken in a cocotte. The result is a very juicy meat, halfway between cooked and roasted, that practically cooks itself. A very simple chicken recipe. The result is a juicy chicken, halfway between roasted and cooked, with a wonderful garnish of potatoes.

Baked whiting

Preparing a whiting in the oven is very simple if you follow this recipe. It will only need 10 minutes of baking and it will be very tasty because it is Simple and delicious. This is how the whiting looks when we bake it with garlic and parsley. Try it because you are sure to like it.

Two chocolates cake

We teach you how to prepare an original cake made with a simple chocolate cake dipped in syrup and a chocolate and cream icing.

Zucchini snack

Delicious zucchini snack. Its crunchy batter and its mild flavor will make your children forget that they are eating vegetables.

Fennel with dried fruits

A healthy dish with fennel as the protagonist. We teach you to prepare it in the oven with nuts. You will see how easy and how rich.

Caramelized pork ribs

Some caramelized pork ribs thanks to the marinade that we will make a few hours before. Golden, crisp, and with a delicious flavor.

Cauliflower pizza

A different and exquisite pizza made with good ingredients. Perfect for people who want to take care of themselves without giving up anything.

Base for savory tarts

What if we prepare the bases for our savory cakes? The ingredients could not be simpler and we will make sure they are made with "good fats".

Brussels sprouts with bacon

We propose a simple and rich appetizer: brussels sprouts with bacon or bacon. Keep it in mind for your meetings ...

Zucchini with baked potatoes

A simple recipe made with zucchini, potatoes, ham and mozzarella, ingredients that combine perfectly and that everyone usually likes.

Potato cake gratin with cheese

I am a #veryfan of baked recipes, I like to prepare them because they have much less amount of fat and from time to time…

Milk chocolate cake

This simple and delicious chocolate cake is ideal for children and older lovers of milk chocolate and…

7-ingredient muesli bread

A simple, healthy and very easy homemade bread to make. We do it with seeds, making a homemade muesli, but you can…

Scottish oat bread

To this Scottish bread (you can add spices to give it a special touch. A mixture of 4 spices will be great,…

light quesada

These days I have been able to enjoy some fantastic sobaos and a wonderful quesada pasiega with which a good friend…

Lasagna with stew meat

If you have made a stew (stew, stew or similar), with any meat and you have leftovers, you can turn it into an exquisite…

Devonshire honey sponge cake

This magnificent sponge cake recipe comes from the United Kingdom with a delicious honey flavor and unparalleled fluffiness (Devonshire…

Puppies rolled up

Super simple and very showy this recipe for rolled hot dogs that young and old alike will like. You could do it with...

Cheese and ham souffle

This cheese and ham soufflé is a complete dish and it turns out really good. The secret to not knowing...

Roscón with brioche dough

I tried a roscón with brioche dough and I loved it. The good thing, in addition, is that you already have the recipe for…

Soft nougat cake

Nougats for the holidays are already in all the markets (I don't know why, the rest of the year,...

Baked breast roll

A simple homemade cold meat that you can either take hot or cold. Ideal for some sandwiches to…

Meringue ghosts Scary!

What scare the ghosts! The proof that they exist is here, yes, harmless and delicious. The secret of meringue ...

Aubergines "parmigiana"

Those of us who like aubergine cannot pass up trying a good Italian "parmigiana". I thought ...

Carrot terrine

They say that carrots help to obtain and maintain a tan. If you are already starting to lie in the sun, ...

Crab cakes

These baked crab pancakes are not complicated to make and it will not take much time to prepare them. To save…

Gremolata Crusted Fish Loins

Some good lean loins and without uncomfortable spines of hake, cod, salmon, swordfish... are perfect for making this recipe...

Salty cheesecake

Savory cakes are one of the best options when serving dishes at a party or buffet….

Seafood stuffed zucchini

Vegetables and seafood come together in this dish that serves us both as the first in a lunch and as a unique ...

Gnocchi a la Sorrentina

From Italian Sorrento comes this recipe for gnocchi, those sweet potato balls. Sorrentine sauce is made ...

Baked potatoes, flavor them

Potatoes are the queens of side dishes in many cuisines around the world. In Italy, for example, they are very famous ...

Pasta al cartoccio, wallpaper!

The recipe for cartoccio requires wrapping the cooked pasta together with the ingredients with which we are going to accompany it in…

Squid in oil, simmered

We recommend this typical Almería squid recipe for children because they are very tender that way. They are cooked ...

Hake fillets with gratin aioli

With just a few ingredients, we are going to prepare delicious hake loins au gratin with aioli, cleaned of skin and bones. It…

Strawberry Oreo Cake

Let's not waste time and we are going to make the Oreo cake with the molds that we showed you in a post ...

Timbale of macaroni

The macaroni timbale is a succulent way of preparing macaroni typical of southern Italy. This cake in ...

Swiss chard and cheese rolls

We continue to take advantage of a good bunch of chard, this time cooking its leaves. We have prepared some tasty rolls of ...

Baked emperor

Emperor steaks can be prepared in a thousand ways, and one of them that, in addition to being healthy, is…