Chickpeas with vinaigrette

An ideal legume salad for the warmer months. The vinaigrette is made with boiled egg, parsley, onion ... And we also teach you how to cook the chickpeas in the pressure cooker.

Green juice to eliminate toxins

With this green juice to eliminate toxins you will have a healthy, natural drink ready in a few minutes that will help you take care of yourself.

Steak stewed with mushrooms

A complete plate if we serve it with potatoes. The meat is cooked with various vegetables, among which the mushrooms stand out.

Green beans in a pressure cooker

We teach you how to cook some great green beans cooked in wine and in their own juice using a pressure cooker. We will put potato, tomato and carrot ... If we only use that, the pot.

Fennel with butter

Have you tried the fennel with butter? It is an ideal garnish for any dish and is presented with grated Parmesan cheese on the surface. Great!

Chicken curry stew

A very simple stew made with potatoes and chicken, quite quick to prepare. And do not forget the curry and turmeric ... they will give flavor and also color to our dish.

Baba ghanoush or moutabal

Try it because it is delicious. On toasts, on pita bread, with grissini ... And it is low in calories because the base of this pasta is roasted aubergine.

Migas with chorizo

We teach you to prepare the traditional plate of crumbs with chorizo: a good way to take advantage of the bread that we have left over at home.

Carrot hummus

A very original and delicious hummus. We will do it with chickpeas (how could it be otherwise) and with roasted carrots. And tahini, and lemon ... you have to try it!

Fried zucchini

The zucchini, cooked this way, are very popular with the little ones. They eat them delighted. It will be for the batter, for the frying ... the fact is that they love it.

Cabbage in wine with olives

In this case, we will cook the cabbage only with its own juice and also with half a glass of red wine. A dish full of flavor in which black olives cannot be missing.

Pasta with peas for children

An attractive way to bring peas to the table: with pasta! We will also put cheese, almonds and mint. You will see how good it is.

Potato stew a la marinera

A quick and easy potato stew to prepare. It is made with seafood and frozen fish and is perfect for children's dinners.

Mango, orange and lime juice

Preparing this mango, orange and lime juice at home is simple. It is perfect for the happiest breakfasts thanks to its striking color and delicious flavor.

Gluten-free york ham cake

Enjoy with your children preparing a simple and delicious gluten-free ham cake perfect for parties and birthdays.

Pasta with beef ragout

One of the pasta recipes that children like the most: pasta al ragout. It has vegetables and minced beef. A traditional and delicious dish.

Porrusalda with pumpkin and cod

With this porrusalda with pumpkin and cod you will enjoy a traditional recipe, simple, complete and also suitable for the whole family.

Artichoke Parmigiana

A dish of the Italian tradition with exceptional ingredients: fried artichoke slices, mozzarella, tomato ... And all this baked. A show.

Lemon chicken to take to work

This gluten-free lemon chicken recipe is perfect to take to work. Easy to make, transport and that allows different accompaniments.

Pineapple, grape and spinach juice

Take care of yourself with this refreshing pineapple, grape and spinach juice. An easy recipe to make and that will help you lead a healthy and healthy life.

Romanesco broccoli pesto

A different pesto, with a mild flavor and made with broccoli, walnuts and pine nuts. Perfect for enriching pasta, rice, meat and fish dishes.

Zucchini snack

Delicious zucchini snack. Its crunchy batter and its mild flavor will make your children forget that they are eating vegetables.

Sausage ragout

This sausage ragout will be the perfect accompaniment to your pasta, meat or potato dishes. With tomato and vegetables, children like it very much.

Bacon and cheese fries

Delicious bacon and cheese fries, with a cream sauce and lots of cheese to gratin. Perfect as a starter and snacks with friends.

White bean artichoke hummus

Make an artichoke and white bean hummus for the whole family. An easy, quick and gluten, egg or lactose free snack.

Rice for beginners

A perfect rice for those who are new to the kitchen and are afraid of not giving that "point to rice". We will use steamed rice, which will always be perfect.

Mushroom carpaccio with walnut pesto

This mushroom carpaccio with walnut pesto is simple to prepare, it is delicious and it also has an elegant presentation with which to surprise your guests.

Portobello with basmati rice

We teach you how to prepare portobello mushrooms in a simple way, with white wine. We will serve them with basmati rice. Great!

Fennel with dried fruits

A healthy dish with fennel as the protagonist. We teach you to prepare it in the oven with nuts. You will see how easy and how rich.

Vacuum packed egg custards

Soft and delicious vacuum packed egg custards. To enjoy its flavor and quality for longer and with all the guarantees.

Tuna and mayonnaise dip

Tuna and mayonnaise dip, an ideal starter to improvise a snack with friends. Quick, easy and inexpensive. Accompanied with doritos, nachos or tostas it is perfect.

Beet and pear juice

With this beet and pear juice you can add color and flavor to your mornings. It is simple to make and is packed with antioxidants.

Caramelized pork ribs

Some caramelized pork ribs thanks to the marinade that we will make a few hours before. Golden, crisp, and with a delicious flavor.

Apple sauce for meats

We propose a light cream for your meats: an apple cream with a mild flavor and a touch of bay leaf. And very easy!

Liver sautéed with onion

If the offal imposes you, overcome the challenge with this recipe for liver sautéed with onions and you will have a quick and delicious dinner in no time.

Cauliflower pizza

A different and exquisite pizza made with good ingredients. Perfect for people who want to take care of themselves without giving up anything.

Base for savory tarts

What if we prepare the bases for our savory cakes? The ingredients could not be simpler and we will make sure they are made with "good fats".

Orange, carrot and lime juice

With this orange, carrot and lime juice you can start the day right. Simple to make, fresh and full of vitamins for a healthy diet.

Candied fruit muffins

Candied fruit muffins are the best alternative to Roscón de Reyes. They are simple, quick to prepare and have the traditional flavor.

Kubak, a Chinese puffed rice dish

We tell you how to prepare Kubak rice and we give you 3 very simple recipes to prepare with which you will lick your fingers. Can you prepare ku bak with prawns or ku-bak three delicacies? Enter and discover how it is done.

Gluten-free coconut mantecados

Discover how to make, step by step, these gluten-free coconut shortbreads. Delicious, uncomplicated and suitable for celiacs.

Brussels sprouts with bacon

We propose a simple and rich appetizer: brussels sprouts with bacon or bacon. Keep it in mind for your meetings ...

Tomato and mozzarella salad2

Tomato and mozzarella salad

A classic: tomato and mozzarella salad, with black olives, sweet onion and garlic chips. Perfect as an accompaniment.

Nut and date truffles

With these nut and date truffles you will have a healthy snack and a healthy alternative to commercial sweets. They are also quick and easy to do.

Dark Chocolate Musicians

With these dark chocolate musicians you will have a delicious snack to offer or give to your guests at your Christmas dinners.

Colorful salad

A simple, colorful and very rich dish. We will use colorful ingredients to make an attractive dish for the little ones in the house.

Fig liqueur without alcohol

Delicious fig liqueur without alcohol. A healthy way to enjoy Christmas. A drink totally suitable for children that you can make in advance.

Romanesco broccoli pasta

We show you an exceptional way to discover Romanesco broccoli. With pasta, anchovies and olives! A delicious and full of properties first course.

Galician cabbage2

Galician cabbage

Delicious cabbage or cabbage cooked Galician style, with its refried garlic and paprika. It is a perfect companion for meat and fish.

Pulled pork

With this simple pulled pork recipe you will have juicy and tasty sandwiches for your birthday parties or informal dinners.

Homemade Nut Cinnamon Granola

Delicious homemade walnut and cinnamon granola that you can use for breakfast and to give a special touch to yogurts and compotes.

Tuna cannelloni with tomato

Classic tuna cannelloni with tomato, the favorites of children and the elderly. Easy, healthy and spread a lot. They are perfect for freezing.

Breaded scamorza

An easy but successful recipe: scamorza cheese breaded with an original touch of parsley. Freshly made it is an exquisite dish!

Pate Marinero

With this seafood pâté you will enjoy all the flavor of the sea. Simple, quick to prepare and easy to spread. Perfect for cooking with children.

Exquisite Russian salad

A different version of the classic Russian salad: juicy, tasty and exquisite, everyone will be surprised! Ideal as a starter.

Broccoli with cooked ham

A colorful and flavorful first course: sautéed broccoli with cooked ham and black olives. Loaded with benefits for the whole family.

Banana and date smoothie

Prepare a different breakfast with this banana and dates smoothie. Easy, fast and full of flavor and nutrients that will help your children grow.

Dried apricots and almonds

With these balls of dried apricots and almonds you will have a healthy snack for the whole family. Suitable for vegans, allergic to lactose, egg and gluten.

Murciana Salad

Great traditional recipe from the Region of Murcia. A simple, easy, light and delicious dish. Ideal for any occasion.

Pasta with milk and butter

We teach you how to prepare pasta with milk and butter with various recipes, using cheese, coconut milk, evaporated and more. Easy and simple recipes!

Homemade syrup against colds

With this homemade syrup against colds you will activate all the natural defenses. Avoiding mucus, cough and other symptoms of colds.

Maria cookies, the homemade recipe

Do you want to make your own Maria cookies? We teach you how to cook them with this recipe and we give you many recipe ideas with Maria cookies.

Spinach, mozzarella and grape salad

A salad loaded with vitamins and minerals. With fresh spinach, grapes, walnuts, honey ... a different and irresistible combination of flavors.

Choco and coconut cake without oven

Let the little ones prepare this chocolate and coconut cake without an oven themselves. It is easy, fast and simple. Fantastic lunch for school and office.

How to know if an egg is bad

We explain how to know if an egg is bad to eat and how to preserve the eggs so that they remain fresh and in good condition.

Tomato and tuna lasagna

A finger-licking homemade lasagna. We teach you how to prepare the tomato sauce and the béchamel sauce, don't miss the recipe, with step-by-step photos!

Eggless biscuits

4 egg-free sponge cake recipes that you can't miss, perfect for healthy eating and very easy to prepare. Have you tried all these egg-free desserts?

Ratatouille with zucchini

Do you cheer up with a traditional pisto? Here the vegetable is the protagonist. It goes perfectly with meat, fish and eggs. It looks good with everything!

Traditional meatballs with sauce

They are my mother's meatballs, those that you need to eat with bread because of the sauce they have. Some traditional meatballs with photos of the step by step.

Raspberry lemonade

Enjoy the summer with this raspberry lemonade. Simple to make, refreshing, natural and full of vitamin C. And with only 85 calories.

Sea soup or seafood soup

It is my mother's recipe so the result could not be better: a delicious seafood soup that is prepared in a short time.

Roquefort dip

With this roquefort dip you will enjoy a tasty and easy to spread cream. Accompany it with toast or raw vegetables and you will have a fantastic snack.

Country salad with asparagus

Very cool it is a delight. The onion and parsley vinaigrette makes this country salad special, with an intense and irresistible flavor.

Pickled tuna cake

Take the test: taken to any family meal, someone will surely ask you for the recipe. It is great and, in addition, it is easy to do.

Bonito fish with tomato

It's my grandmother's recipe for bonito with tomato, that is, my mother's recipe. It has onion, pepper, tomato sauce ... the kids love it!

Chia cherry pudding

This chia cherry pudding is a delicious breakfast that will help you keep cholesterol at bay and eat a healthy and healthy diet.

Quick hake soup with vegetables

A healthy and delicious dinner: hake soup with potatoes, peppers and onion. Exquisite, easy to prepare and very tasty. In just 23 minutes.

Chicken and peach porridge

This chicken and peach porridge has a sweet and smooth combination of flavors that your baby will enjoy without any problem.

Tomatoes stuffed with rice

Delicious stuffed tomatoes made with rice, aromatic herbs, potatoes, onions ... so rich that they can be eaten both hot and cold.

Watermelon and rice salad

A summer salad made with watermelon, kiwi, tomato lettuce ... a colorful and very appetizing dish for the hottest days of the year.

Vanilla and red fruit smoothie

Delicious vanilla and red fruit smoothie. Quick and easy to do. Combine the red fruits to your liking to have a special smoothie.

Banana and rice porridge

Soft and nutritious banana and rice porridge. Easy, fast and tasty infant puree perfect for your baby's snacks

Mayonnaise Crusted Baked Salmon

Very fast baked salmon with a mayonnaise crust, juicy and very tasty, that will delight even the little ones. Perfect option when we don't have time.

Cottage cheese cake

Tender, fluffy, soft, delicate ... this is this delicious cottage cheese cake that children love so much. It is also quick and easy to prepare.

Jam and puff pastry sweet

Kids love it and it's so easy to make and do it themselves. It has puff pastry, jam and chocolate so it is irresistible.

Melon soup with coconut milk

Delicious melon soup with coconut milk. A cold dessert, easy to make and original that we can also serve as a snack.

How to make ice cream at home

Discover the best recipes to make ice cream at home of multiple flavors: milk, fruits, chocolate, cream, coconut, kiwi and more! Make your own healthy and delicious ice cream.

Chocolate smoothie curd

Very easy recipe with which you will surprise the little ones. A most attractive dessert for them that is made with only two ingredients.

Carrot Vichyssoise

Original touch of carrot for the classic vichyssoise recipe. Soft, delicate and refreshing. Ideal as a starter or starter.

Anchovies and spinach cake

A cake with anchovies and spinach, made in the oven, that the little ones will also like, especially if they help us make it.

Tartar sauce step by step

We show you how to make a delicious tartar sauce step by step. A recipe that you can serve with countless dishes.

Salad with yogurt sauce

Summer salad with yogurt sauce

A refreshing low calorie salad. With lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot and an original Greek yogurt dressing with chives, great!

Pickled mayonnaise

Take advantage of the liquid to make a delicious pickled mayonnaise that you can use in your homemade recipes. Easy to do and ready in less than 5 minutes.

Chives flavored butter

Flavoring butter with chives and parsley is easy as well as fun. It also has pepper, lemon ... and it is very good spread on toast

Carrot and walnut pate

With this recipe we show you how to make a carrot and walnut pate quickly and easily. A healthy and balanced snack.

Asparagus tatin

An original salty asparagus cake with a spectacular flavor. It has bacon, cheese, honey and almonds ... and it is very easy to prepare.

Marinated chicken

Enjoy this chicken pickle, easy to make with which we can make delicious toasts or salads. Perfect for the summer.

Pineapple and orange juice

A juice made with two great fruits: pineapple and orange. It is perfect for the whole family and is easily made using an American mixer.

Zucchini and mango salad

Exotic zucchini and mango salad, with crunchy caramelized sesame. Ideal as a starter to surprise our guests.

Zucchini with baked potatoes

A simple recipe made with zucchini, potatoes, ham and mozzarella, ingredients that combine perfectly and that everyone usually likes.

Peas with ham

A property-packed dish made with peas, serrano ham and diced potato. It can be served as a garnish or as a first.

Corn and prawn croquettes

Delicious croquettes made with corn, prawns and a double batter that makes them super crunchy. Perfect and irresistible for young and old.

Lenten Porrusalda

This vegetable-based Lenten porrusalda is the ideal recipe for dinners because it is light, easy to make and without too many calories.

Russian salad with guacamole

Russian salad with guacamole for a perfect dinner. Ideal to prepare in advance and have it ready in less than 5 minutes.

Biscuit and fruit porridge

This biscuit and fruit porridge is one of the basic recipes in the children's diet. Prepare this homemade food and you will have a complete snack for your baby.

Longaniza with white sauce

Longaniza with white sauce made from white wine, onion and green peppers. Ideal combined with rice or potatoes.

Tahini step by step

Discover how to make tahini step by step at home. It's easy, fast and inexpensive ....! Forget wasting time looking for it in the supermarket

Chocolate sponge cake for celiacs

Chocolate sponge cake for celiacs

A delicious cake that even people with celiac disease and those who cannot have dairy products can have. A perfect dessert for Father's Day.

Battered zucchini bites

Zucchini with a stick: a fun and original way to eat zucchini with which you will conquer the little ones in the house. And no egg!

Lean with tomatoes

We show you how to easily make a lean with tomato. So you can leave it done and you will have a delicious recipe ready to eat.

Crab omelette with garlic

Delicious omelette with garlic crab sticks, ideal for dinner. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Perfect to accompany with salad.

Cauliflower with paprika

A cauliflower so rich that even the little ones will like it. It is sautéed with garlic and smoked paprika ... Try it as a first or as a garnish!

York ham and cheese pate

Do you have a party at home and you don't know what to prepare? Go with this pate of ham and cheese. It is easy, fast and can be done the day before.

Homemade ketchup for kids

Totally homemade ketchup sauce made from natural tomato, vegetables, spices and other dressings. Ideal for following a healthy diet

Sugar frosting recipe

We show you how to make white or colored icing with this simple and quick recipe to make but that will give a totally different touch to your desserts and cakes.

Chicken thighs with mushrooms

Ingredients For 4 people 500gr of potatoes Salt 1 fresh spring onion 700gr of sliced ​​mushrooms 8 chicken thighs Pepper ...

Croquettes for Halloween

Singing with our Halloween recipes, let's take a look at how to customize our own croquettes for tonight ...

Bat truffles for Halloween

Ingredients For about 15 truffles 150 g of covered chocolate 150 g of white chocolate 100 g of cream for ...

Pancakes for Halloween

Ingredients For 6 pancakes 1 cup of flour 1 teaspoon of yeast 4 tablespoons of sugar a pinch of salt ...

5 Essential pastry utensils

Kitchens! Today we have a very special post for all those who are always looking for different kitchen utensils and ...

Cheese and walnut croquettes

Ingredients For about 16 croquettes 150 gr. of Philadelphia or Roquefort cheese 150 gr. peeled and chopped walnuts 1…

Tuna Carpaccio

Ingredients For 2 people Tuna (in one piece) about 400 gr 100 gr of mushrooms 1 tomato 1 clove of ...

Pineapple Thermomix Shake

Ingredients For 2 people 1 natural pineapple 1 banana 2 pineapple yogurts 400 gr of skimmed milk 150 gr ...

Strawberry Mousse

Ingredients For 8 servings 400 g of strawberries 200 g of cream 100 g of mascarpone cheese 4 eggs Sugar to…

Prawns Raincoat

Ingredients For 4 people 1kg of prawns 250gr of wheat flour 200 ml of beer 1 egg 1 teaspoon ...

Meatballs in sauce

Ingredients For 4 people: 1 kilo of minced meat 4 glasses of white wine 1 egg Nutmeg Pepper 1…

Carpaccio of salmon

Ingredients 600 grams of clean salmon The juice of 1/2 lemon 4 tablespoons of olive oil Salt White pepper ...

Cooked potato salad

Ingredients for 4 people 800 gr of potatoes A chopped red onion 100 gr of cooked peas 2 cooked carrots ...

Spaghetti with Clams

Ingredients Serves 4 400 g of spaghetti 800 g of clams 2 cloves of garlic 1 chilli Oil of ...

Melon and peach smoothie

Ingredients For 3 smoothies Half melon 2 peaches 1 cup of vanilla ice cream A tablespoon of lemon juice ...

Black rice croquettes

Ingredients For about 16 croquettes 1 spring onion 1 tomato 1 bay leaf 400 gr of squid 1 liter of ...

Parmesan lollipops

Ingredients For 10 lollipops Baking paper 10 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese in threads 10 skewers It seems incredible ...

Fruit salad with cream

Ingredients Serves 4 -One kilo of varied seasonal fruit (strawberries, raspberries, melon, mango ...). - Nuts (those that ...

Fun rice pudding ideas

How do you usually prepare rice pudding for the little ones in the house? Today I propose some fun ideas for ...

Fried donuts for Easter

Ingredients For 12-14 donuts 3 eggs 9 tablespoons of sugar 6 tablespoons of sunflower oil 6 tablespoons of milk ...

Strawberry yogurt cake

Ingredients Serves 4 1 sheet of refrigerated shortcrust dough 100 gr of brown sugar Orange zest 3 eggs ...

Salmon and spinach pizza

Ingredients For the dough of two medium pizzas 300 gr strength flour 15 gr fresh pressed yeast 150 ml ...

Steak tartare, my recipe

Ingredients For 2 people 250 gr. of veal meat (chop it with a knife) Half chopped chives. 20 small capers. Pepper…

Lubina in the oven

Ingredients Serves 4 4 small sea bass 4 potatoes 1 onion Olive oil 1 clove of garlic 1 glass ...

Two chocolate cake

Ingredients For 6 people 200 gr of Tulipán margarine 290 gr of dark chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa) 130 gr ...

Vanilla Rolls

Ingredients For about 12 horseshoes 250 g of Tulip margarine 120 g of sugar (½ cup) 160 g of flour ...

Green Asparagus Frittata

Ingredients For 2 people 250 gr of green asparagus 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 red pepper 4 eggs Oil of…

Berries cake

Ingredients For 4 people 250 gr of Tulipán margarine 250 gr of icing sugar A teaspoon of vanilla extract ...